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viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Interview to Cadaveria (CADAVERIA - DyNAbyte - Ex Opera IX)

Oxido: Hi Cadaveria, it's a great pleasure for us to make this interview with you. For the beginning, we want to ask you about the fourth CADAVERIA's full lenght recording. Is it finished? Can you tell us the definitive title of this new work?

Cadaveria: Thank you. It’s a pleasure for me too. We finished recording the drum and we are now on the guitars. We have no hurry as we didn’t book any studio for a limited period. We have our own recording studio so we can do the work with the necessary calm. This is a good point but at the same time it requires a double effort to the band: being producers of ourselves we must be hypercritical and this means to care about all details and not only about your own instrument. However I must say it is quite exciting and satisfying. Knowing how perfectionist we are I’m sure we will not leave the studio till all will be perfect. Then we will start mixing and, considering how long we took with DyNAbyte’s self recorded new album, I think we will spend all the Summer on CADAVERIA fourth full length. The album’s title is not defined at the moment but I can anticipate you some songs’ titles: The Assassin, Apocalypse, Whispers of Sins. The new songs are eleven in total…

O: What can you tell us about the new songs? Are them in the same line of "In Your Blood" compositions?

C: I think this album will mark a sort of return to our roots. I composed the most part of the riff with Dick Laurent, the new entry in the line-up, Marcelo Santos (aka Flegias) and Frank Booth and I must say the new tracks sound quite Black Metal. Off course all will be in line with CADAVERIA Horror Metal style, there will be space for clean vocals but the growling and screaming parts will be protagonist. The general mood is very obscure, oppressing and harrowing.

O: Why did you decide to add a new guitarist to the CADAVERIA's line up? What can you comment about Dick Laurent's style?

C: Dick Laurent entered the band during 2008 as sideman, just to play two live shows, replacing Frank Booth, who could not play, being busy with personal stuff. He perfectly learnt our songs in a very short period and later we decided to play the following live dates with two guitars. Obviously the sound resulted enriched and more powerful, relationship were becoming stronger, so the final and unavoidable step was to welcome him steadily in the band. Dick Laurent is a talent musician besides an experienced sound engineer and above all he is professional and you can trust him. Musically he is tied to Death and Black Metal but he is versatile and could play every kind of Metal.

O: Have you plans to record a live DVD in a near future? Or maybe re-edit the 2002's "CADAVERIA VHS Home Video"?

C: We have piled on a lot of material during these years and soon or later we will release a DVD. We just need to find the time to check it and do the editing. I would like to recollect our best live performances, our video clips as well as all the backstage pearls we shot… probably the next Central America tour, planned for this June, will be a good occasion to record some more pieces.

O: Which is your own favourite álbum, of all that you had record (including Opera IX's registers), and why?

C: I think The Black Opera, the last album I recorded with Opera IX, is a masterpiece. It was the best way to celebrate the end of an era, like The Shadows’ Madame was a great new beginning. I love In Your Blood album ‘cause it’s surreal and passionate, but I think Far Away From Conformity contains the best lyrics I have ever written.

O: We noticed that your vocals had been changing, enlarging your quality all time. In your last two CDs, your voice had obtained a great versatility and clarity. Do you feel a constantly increasing artist?

C: I crossed different artistic phases, more or less coinciding with different phases of my life. There was a time when I felt tired to use only the growling voice and I needed to explore new ways. Probably I have been indirectly influenced by the music I listened to… I crossed a period when Tool was constantly playing on my music stereo. Actually I listen to extreme music at 360 degrees, with a certain preference for Death & Grind meanders. Surely also my experience with DyNAbyte and the approach to Industrial music has opened my mental conception of Metal, allowing me to break my boundaries. This is reflected in how I use my voice.

O: We think that CADAVERIA's popularity is bigger than Opera IX's during the 90's. In addition, CADAVERIA is more accessible for the Classic Metal listener. Since "The Call of the Wood" or "Sacro Culto" until "In Your Blood", which were the reasons that made you decided to change your musical style?

C: Well, The Call of the Wood and Sacro Culto belong to the very beginning of my career and were created by a combo that doesn’t exist anymore. CADAVERIA is another entity that was born after ten years of experience in another band, it is natural it’s different from my previous band, otherwise I would have remained in Opera IX. Music in general evolved and CADAVERIA was born in 2001, an era in which the original Pagan Metal and Black Metal music was already finished. The same answer I gave you for the question about my voice’s change could suits for the your actual question: I’m like a sponge imbued of what I live and of what surrounds me, I evolve and my musicevolves with me. So changes are not the consequence of a decision, but a natural process.

O: Are there any Italian bands that you specially like? How's the Italy Metal scene today?

C: The actual Italian Metal scene is absolutely flourishing and populous. I don’t want to elect a band instead of another one, but valid Metal acts are easy to find nowadays in Italy. It seems it happened what was going on in Germany twenty years ago. Finally.

O: You're working in a new DyNAbyte's full lenght, too. What can you tell us about it?

C: Yes, the last three years were very intense for me, since I worked with two bands and on two new records contemporaneously, without counting that I continued doing live dates promoting In Your Blood album. I also moved to Milan for a year, so all was hard to ménage, being far from the rest of the band(s). After a never ending mixing and mastering process DyNAbyte new album is finally ready. It’s title is 2KX, as 2010 the year of the discharge, the time to unleash what we worked on for such a long time. The album contains twelve brand new tracks, surgically played and perfectly manufactured. I really hope it will get the distribution it deserves ‘cause I’m very proud of it and it would be a pity if the world could not listen to it properly. We are thinking to release it half for free on the web and then on USB key, unless we will find the right partner to print it on CD.

O: Do you think that DyNAbyte had been an innovating project? We know several bands that appeared after DyNAbyte's "Extreme Mental Piercing" copying your sound...

C: For me it was surely innovative, but I didn’t know we launched a trend. Which bands are you referring to...?

O: Which are the differences between your inspiration sources for CADAVERIA and for DyNAbyte?

C: Oh, my approach to these bands is totally different. While CADAVERIA is my own band, in the sense I write all lyrics and I cure the composing process from the beginning to the end, DyNAbyte is a creature by LJ Dusk and John. They compose the riff and program drums and keyboards and LJ Dusk also writes the most parts of the lyrics. Extreme Mental Piercing, our first album, was like an experiment for me: I composed the voice melodies, I set the songs structure with the rest of the band, then I recorded the voice and finally I said: well guys, now you can do what you want with my voice, twist and stretch it as you like. And the guys played with it with no limits! This time things went in a different way as during the last years I became more involved into the project. While LJ Dusk cared about programming, me and John have worked on mixing and mastering and I’m personally responsible of all the visual side, like the artwork, band pictures, new logo and so on. I’m also developing a flash animation…

O: If you don't bother, we want to ask you a couple of questions about past times: Did you see the Opera IX's "Mithology, XX Years of Witchcraft" DVD? You're a very, very important part of the second disc; do you like it?

C: No, I know it exists but I didn’t want to watch it so that I cannot get pissed. I can imagine what there is in the DVD: all the videoclips personally made by me and Flegias (Marcelo Santos, CADAVERIA drummer). He is a videomaker and he produced all Opera IX and CADAVERIA videos. I want to be clear: I actually have nothing against Opera IX, but it’s sad to see they are continuing to live on the echo of the past. I wish all the best for their future, but I think it’s time they start walking with their legs, stopping using my image and stopping releasing old material without advice, nor authorization and without paying me my royalties.

O: If you meet Ossian or Vlad somewhere today, what would happen? Just say "Hello", talk friendly to them, or just ignore them?

C: I could start with saying hello, then see what they answer.

O: We consider your three studio álbums with Opera IX as the most obscure records of Metal's story. The atmosphere of those discs was totally depressive, insane, incredible. Do you think that you took all that dark creativity with you, to CADAVERIA?

C: I think I didn’t take THAT darkness with me, but another kind of darkness however reigns in CADAVERIA. Creativity in CADAVERIA is thousands times stronger than in Opera IX. CADAVERIA is based on music freedom, while Opera IX had one only musical direction. Probably the depressive feelings you get listening to those albums comes also from this fact.

O: Your personality is surrounded by a mistery halo. What things do you like to do, in your diary life?

C: My laptop is like an extension of my body, I constantly work online since with some friends of mine I developed an Internet search engine, but this is another story… Besides making music and browsing the Internet I listen to music, watch films, walk in the woods, meet friends… I try to maintain the privacy on my personal life, ‘cause I already confess myself through my music. People can know me reading my lyrics or through the interviews. I’m always very explicit even when it doesn’t seem.

O: Is it difficult for a woman, to combine the passion for music, the travels, the concerts, the works of recordings, etc., with a "normal" private life? We mean: does music allow enough time for love, family...?

C: You must be very well organized! I must say people knows how important music is for me, so they are understanding if I miss something else.

O: Do you consider yourself as a harbinger, being one of the first women who sang with gutural voices?

C: Why not.

O: Who is your favourite all times female vocalist?

C: Skin from Skunk Anansie.

O: Opera IX and CADAVERIA had toured across México. Which are your reflections about those experiences? Do you think that latin fans are very different of european public?

C: I’m Latin too, even if I’m European! I like playing live abroad as I like travelling and meeting new cultures. When you tour you have not much time to visit places, but you can be enriched by people you meet and be regenerated by the different landscapes you see. Mexico is a magic place with crazy fans. Amazing.

O: Is South America a pending subject for you? Are there concrete plans to visit us in a near future?

C: Not actually, I’m sorry. Would love to play in Buenos Aires and have some free time to visit Patagonia.

O: Is it true that you'd already travelled to Argentina, for holidays?

C: I had programmed a trip some years ago with a good friend of mine whose parents live in Buenos Aires, but finally I had to cancel the journey for some reasons.

O: Thanks a million for your time and your kind courtesy, Cadaveria. Do you want to add any words?

C: Just want to hail all my fans from Argentina and thank you for this interview. So next appointment is in late 2010 for CADAVERIA new album release. In the meanwhile check DyNAbyte’s updates on our brand new twitter page http://twitter.com/dynabyteband and don’t miss 2KX album!

Interview by Javier S. Parente, for OXIDO.-

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