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lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

NUCLEAR STRIKES (Malaysia) interview

1- Hi friends of Nuclear Strikes! It's a pleasure for us to make this
interview with you, a Heavy Metal band from a distant country -for us-,
Malaysia... Please, tell the ppl that doesn't know Nuclear Strikes when was
it formed, and who are the members.

It all began in 2002, at that time we only play with the concept of music Heavy Metal and
Speed Metal , in 2003 we play Heavy Metal/Thrash, alongside the band  called ANTACID. In 2005, Rex and 1.2 Kill began expedite Jack hammer (now called Nuclear Strikes) and
during the 80's Heavy Metal music has long been forgotten in our country, there are only
modern style of heavy metal music only, at the time we started playing songs like Judas priest cover and
Riot and some of our own songs. In the same year, we started out Nuclear Strikes with line-up by Rex, 1.2kill, Iron Speed, Thunderbolt and male vocalist (Anort). Nuclear strikes began performing in 2007 with Anort (only one gig performance).  Then the singer been replaced by the EKEY MIZUME
female singer, with opportunity to expand our her here, but not long after that,
Ekey Mizume leaving the Nuclear Strikes. In 2008 we found Steelgirl Ladyana. After plenty of stage shows, concert etc, Nuclear Strikes name became a reference in our country till now.

2- You are from a country -like Argentina, too- that is far from the big
centres of Heavy Metal in the world. Please, tell us about the Malaysia's
Heavy Metal scene.

Malaysia’s rock begins as early as 50's by Julia (Tandak Rock). Phenomenon began in the early 70's starting with the band called Sweet Charity. In the mid 80's Heavy Metal Rock also began to dominate the entertainment in our country. Occur at the end of 80's, the music was banned for 2 years, no longer present as a more open mindset. In the 90's Malaysia produced abundant underground band concept Thrash, Death, Black as Cromok, Sil Khannaz, Brain Dead, along with the flow of metal music world.. in the era of 2000 apart from Nuclear Strikes no longer that generation of notable bands such as Antacid, Vault.. this era of rock music ,we got  more space to breath .

3- And how is this situation of playing Heavy Metal in a country where the
principal traditions are in a totally different way?

As told in the previous question Malaysia more open,  must follow the guidelines and the criteria set.

4- Nuclear Strikes has a female singer. Do that change anything for the
band, and for the fans reactions?

Good change. Lack of Heavy Metal Female singer in the early establishment. Fans know us better existence.

5- Please, tell us about the EP "Megastorm Eyes". We had listened it, a
very good álbum... the first song is a real Metal hit!

Megastorm Eyes  an introduction of Nuclear Strikes to  metal fans all over the world ..Among  six songs with Heavy Metal and Hard Rock  in some form , between  songs an  continuation of  upcoming album..  fact you will hear more Heavy Metal arrangements.

6- Did Nuclear Strikes play out of Malaysia? Where?

At this time, Not yet. Many days to hit hahahaha.. More to come and we aim for that.

7- Which had been the best moments of the band till now?

Live show at National University of Malaysia (U.K.M) that famous, which does not receive heavy metal music over the establishment of the university. 
We feel great,
We are the 1st Heavy Metal band make a live show there. 
Breaking the Law, hahaha., from there we make the band name chanting on the lips of fans in our country.

8- And which are the personal dreams of everyone of the members for the
future of Nuclear Strikes? What do you expect, where would you like to

Well Known Heavy Metal Band Around The World.. 

9- Please, tell us about Nuclear Strike's plans for this 2013.

Will issue a Single Album for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia with two songs in our native language (Malay).. and a Full Album in english language at the end of anticipated!

10- Thanks a lot for your time and your answers, friends. Is there anything
that you want to add?

Thanks from us all to.., . session  do not stop here.We wanna  play nearby you coming hahahaha. Nuclear Strikes in ARGENTINA.
Stay Heavy, Stay Metal !!!!


Interview by Javier Parente.
Answered: Rex Strike, 1-2 Kill, Thunderbolt, Iron Speed & Steelgirl Ladyana.

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