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jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

Interview with JENNIFER SIKSTROM, bass & vocals of SUMMONED TIDE

  • OXIDO- Hi Jennifer, it's a pleasure for us to make this interview with you. First at all, congratulations!! We'd the chance to listen both of SUMMONED TIDE's albums, and we really liked them soooooo much, specially the new one... How can you describe the sound of your band, for those people that still doesn't know you?
    JENNIFER- We are kind of a progressive heavy metal band and sound like a combination of old-school heavy metal and progressive rock with a touch of almost everything. Try to imagine Iron Maiden, Helloween, Symphony X, Rush, Hammerfall in a big pot with loads of other bands in a single composition.
    OXIDO- Which are the differences and similarities between "If We Fall We Will Rise" and "The Bringer of the Tide"?
    JENNIFER- The similarities between the two albums... The difference between them is that The Bringer of the Tide is a more complex album compared to our first. We chose to introduce an icon for the band, Lusca-dweller of the deep, and illustrate a more agressive rift between the albums without disturbing the original contemplation throughout the process. About the similarities, the recording process are the same; both recorded within a week in a small but really cool studio with Ronnie Björnström. Both albums are made with lots of love and carefully selected songs to enrich the right purpose of the albums.

    OXIDO- Who write the lyrics of the songs and what do they talk about?
    JENNIFER- It's Rickard Thelin that wirte all of the lyrics in our band so far. He speaks of experiences and personal vendettas with life, problems and decomposed unsolved feelings. Each song speaks for itself in a rather easy understanding, but there's always something more beneath the surface even I haven' figured out yet. The Bringer of the Tide is about who you are and our love to music, our goals as musicians and the person behind our selves.
    OXIDO- SUMMONED TIDE is a very young band, but the influences comes from oldest Heavy Metal bands: Iron Maiden, Uriah Heep, Helloween. How gave this situation, being so young musicians all of you?
    JENNIFER- We all have our parents to thank for sharing the legacy further with open arms. From them we have experienced and absorbed all different kind of legendary rock/hard rock that enlightened us trhough the right path of music-genre preference.

    OXIDO- Both of your registers are independent, without a label's intervention. Why did the band choose that way?
    JENNIFER- Nothing happened and we wanted to take on the world with or without support from record labels. We wanted to be heard, seen and be spoken of as one of the greatest bands of all time and we didn't feel like we had the time to sit around withering into mucus forever waiting for a record label.

    OXIDO- What do you think about the role that internet fulfills with respect to the music, today? In the case of new bands like SUMMONED TIDE, are all advantages?

    JENNIFER- We share the philosophy that our music is for everyone, and internet makes it possible. We only see advatages so far as getting new gigs, fans and having fantastic devoted people working with us to reach new places over the world.

    OXIDO- Where did "If We Fall We Will Rise" placed the band inside the swedish scene, and what do you expect from "The Bringer of the Tide"?

    JENNIFER- At least some attention from bookers maybe, been awfully quiet from that part. The album is for the fans. We had no intention in making it a critique- or label-adressed album, it's sole purpose was to give you more from SUMMONED TIDE.

    OXIDO- How is the Sweden Metal panorama today? Still dominated by the Gothemburg scene?

    JENNIFER- Nothing has really changed yet, so yes it's still dominated.

    OXIDO- Had you already the chance to play outside of Sweden? Where would you specially like to play?

    JENNIFER- Yes, We have been to festivals in Poland, Russia, Finland and Norway. Everywhere to be precise! We don't just want to go to big venues only, we want to tour the world and share our music. 

    OXIDO- Which had been the best SUMMONED TIDE's moments till now? And the live gig that you enjoyed more?

    JENNIFER- There are some special moments in different categories. For example to get the possibility to play at Sweden Rock festival last year was massive, even if we expected more outcome than we got so far. When we were abroad and playing, we realized that the way on the road is our way. When we got Mikk as our manager. He have lift us up and get us to be more focused and look on it from a different angle. The gig that we enjoyed most was at a dayfestival in the city of Umeå last May with more than 4000 in the audience and a lot of them are our fans. Sweden Rock also of course. Or when we played home in Robertsfors with livestreaming webTv out on the net with viewers from Japan in the east to Chile in West.

    OXIDO- What do you want for SUMMONED TIDE in the near future? And what can you tell us about your personal dreams?

    JENNIFER- I hope that we get funded to do a UK-tour in September. We will know if the 26th of June.
    My personal dream are to get on an global tour within a year and play on all the big festivals in each part of the world. Humble?? No no!!

    OXIDO- Jennifer: Thanks a million for your answers and your time. Is there anything you want to add?

    JENNIFER- Actually YES. I hope that You spread this to all bookers and organizers in entire South America that they should book Summoned Tide and do it before their BIG BREAK as a band!! Thanks!

    Interview by Javier Parente, for OXIDO.-

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