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domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013

N I L E Interview!!! KARL SANDERS answers...

1)      Hi how are you? It´s a real pleasure for us to make this interview! First of all, we would like to ask you about your first ages into music, about your beginnings… What did you imagine at the moment of NILE's creation?

I am fine, thankyou. J Very near the beginning of Nile – a few months after we took the name Nile  ; I asked myself –if I were a listener , what would I want to hear from a band named Nile? And the answer to that question put us on the path we are still on today.

2)      The obligatory question is: Where did your passion about Egyptian topics come from?

Probably watching old Epic Movies with my Dad when I was a child.

3)      Did all musicians that took part of NILE, share that interest in Egyptian culture?

Every one that has ever been in Nile ? No. But the ones that have stuck by have varying degrees of interest , or obviously they would not still be here.

4)      Everybody into Metal says that almost nobody can play NILE's music...! Do you see yourselves as “Only Ones In Your Species”?

I would say more like “Very few” can play our music the way it is supposed to be played; but we are certainly not alone. There are other bands that do amazing stuff.
5)      Several musicians passed by NILE through the years. Why so many changes?

Hahahaha I think we answered that in question # 4   lol 

6)      Why is H. P. Lovecraft another recognized influence for you?

H.P. Lovecraft  is a Literary Grand Master.  He wrote Death Metal decades before any one else.

7)      “At The Gates Of Sethu” is your last álbum. What can you tell us about it? Is it your favourite one, of all your works?

I don’t really have a favorite Nile anymore. They are each unique in their own way. “Sethu” is the cleanest reording we have ever done , and does contain the best captured and hearable guitars /drums we have ever done. Wether or not “cleaner”   translates as “best” is debatable , according to your personal viewpoint.

8)      Which moments could you mention as the best and the worst of NILE's history, till now?

Santiago Metal fest , and Wacken are probably two of the great moments ; being stuck at the airport on the other side of the planet is probably a recurring worst moment  lol 

9)      This will be your first time in Argentina, but not in South América. What do you remember as the most interesting of your previous Latinamerican tour?

The best part of any South American show is definitely the fans ;  their intensity and passion  definitely make the experience Unforgettable.

10)    Can you tell us anything about your first plans and ideas for 2014?

We have “At the Gate of Sethu  USA part III”   coming up in april , some euro fests this summer – and then a new record.  Exciting stuff for sure.

11)    Which is your personal opinion about the future of Extreme Metal, and particularly of Death Metal?

I have given up even on having publicly expressed personal opinions ; because no matter what personal opinion I share , there will be those that insist on taking It out o f context.  I can say this = I believe that Death Metal is beyond me or you , or any one band  in particular. As long as there are fans willing to come to shows , buy shirts and cd’s   = then Metal will continue to thrive. Its all in the hands of the fans.

12)    Ok that's all. We want to thank you for your time and your answers! Please, add everything that you would like to say, or that we didn't ask you. Our best wishes from Buenos Aires, Argentina! 

Cheers and see you soon ! 

Interview by Javier S. Parente, for OXIDO.-
Answered: Karl Sanders.-

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