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sábado, 24 de enero de 2015


TONY KAKKO's Interview - OXIDO

Apart from your visits in 2010, in the last two years to the date,
you’re going to add four gigs in our country, and one more for coming.
What is more of the usual, for bands that comes from Europe. Is it
possible to affirm that Sonata has his public in Argentina? What did
every visit to our country leave to you all?

TK: Yes, i think we’ve had a really strong following in Argentina since
the first time we played there. It’s always such an experience for us.
Amazing audience, every time. Every visit leaves us a strong will to

What can you tell us about your last effort "Pariah's Child"?

TK: It’s our return to metal music, after our little adventures with
rocking “Stones Grow Her Name” and adventurous “Unia” and “The Days of
Grays”. I’d say we returned to that time after “Reckoning Night”, before
“Unia” and this album could have been the one we released after “RN”.
Back to the roots in that way.

It is said that in the mentioned record, "you returned to your first
times": what can you say about this?

TK: yeah, like I said there earlier, it’s a return to that original
path, not in the stone age, the time of “Ecliptica”, cause that would be

Do you plan to present part of it in the gig in here?

TK: Yes, absolutely. Both “PC” and “Ecliptica-revisited” are well

”Pariah's Child" is the Pasi Kauppinen's first recording, like bass
member of Sonata: how did it be that he joined to the group?

TK: Pasi has been in the same band with Henrik for, I don’t even know,
15 years or more, I think… anyhow, Pasi owns a studio, Studio57, and
he’s worked with us on many releases already prior joining the band.
He’s mixed both “For the sake or revenge” and “Live in finland”
live-albums/DVD’s and played a part in making of each major Sonata
release sins “FtSoR”. So we knew the guy well and he was really our only
choice, we did not even consider anyone else. Marko even said he wants
Pasi to replace him. So that was very, very easy for us.

What plans has Sonata for this 2015, later when you finish the "Latin
America Tour"?

TK: After this leg, we’re gonna have a little break, a month or so,
rehearse, and then head out to tour Europe and Japan in May. Summer
festivals from June to August and then we’re gonna take a longer break
to both rest and write new material. I hope to get the next album out
sometime in 2016.

Beyond the years of Tricky Beans and Tricky Means (names of the group
at the beginning of its career): which is your personal balance and
Sonata Arctica’s balance, after 15 years of career?

TK: I’ve managed to create a career out of something I used to call a
hobby, something I have always loved doing beyond anything else. You
lose something when that happens, at least you need a new hobby, but
anyway it’s a dream come true. I can’t complain. I only wish I could
have gotten this thing started few years earlier and been little bit
more aware of everything in the beginning, but everything has gone real
well. I am happy. Looking forward for the next 15 years.

What could you advance to the fans of what they will see next March

TK: You’re gonna see a lot of songs we have not notplayed on the
previous tours and I don’t mean only the new ones here, but also some
old songs. Especially from “Ecliptica”. Can’t wait to get on the road!

Thanks a lot for your time and your answers. Please, do you want to add
anything more?

TK: My pleasure! We’ve missed you all. Happy to visit Argentina again
and see you and your beautiful country again. Make sureyou come and see
the show!

Interview by Iván Marchesani, para OXIDO
Answered: TONY KAKKO

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