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miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

Ukraine's BESTIAL INVASION's Interview! Answers: Unknown Nastya...

1)      When was BESTIAL INVASION formed, and which were the founders interests?

Unknown Nastya: Our band is so young so far, it was founded (can I say like that hahJ) last spring. Under some circumstances our bass player, Metal Priest, moved to my city after leaving his previous band.  And we had this idea about creating a band together, creative tandem kinda. We invited some friends to come around and jam and see where it will go and it turned out very well, so we decided to create BI coz other guys were sick of their bands. These were people, who had an such experience, all except for me hah. We’re all satisfied with what we have now, so everything turned out amazing. Speaking of interests, well, the interest is the only one as always, - play and enjoy the process! And to share our music with other people for sure.

2)      Where are each one of the members from?
UN: We are all from Sumy, except for Metal Priest, he was born in Zutomyr, but hopefuly now he lives here with us.
3)      How do you define your sound, and what are the lyrics about?

UN: Initially the band was conceived as a classic thrash metal band, but soon embarked on a more difficult and technical music. We define our sound as Atheist, Dark Angel, Destruction, Watchtower mix I love our lyrics, I write it with my heart open. The inspiration comes from both my own experience and perception of the world, literature, art, history. Each song tells a different story. Silent Wonders, for example, is a reflection of the character’s inner worldview, scraps of questions and anguish, uncertainty of being. The main topics are intelligence, loneliness, self-improvement etc.

4)      Who’s the principal composer in BESTIAL INVASION?

UN: Every member of the band takes part in it, Metal Priest brings the parts of the song and we are finishing them all together, it’s a collective work.

5)      How’s a BESTIAL INVASION’s gig, and where did you have the opportunity to play till now?

UN: We decided not to play live until we are totally ready with the album. We simply don’t want to be one more nameless band without recordings. Still we’ve got couple of big festivals coming soon and we are looking forward!

6)      Nastya: Here in Argentina, mostly of Heavy Metal musicians have others jobs because they can’t make enough money with music. How is it in Ukraine and all Eastern Europe?

UN: All our metal musicians have other jobs, now it seems impossible to make money just playing. Unfortunately its not 80s anymore, time there everything was so easy or at least real to get. Magnificent bands from 80s now don’t even have money to release new albums, and you are asking about local. Yeah, sure. Music industry slowly dying, we don’t have such listeners as we used to, so it’s impossible to earn doing what you want. In fact, you should have money to create a band, coz you will spend on it a lot, and mostly it won’t be covered. Sad but true. 

7)      Please, tell us something about the Metal scene of your native city.

UN: Here I’m speechless. Really, I can say nothing at all. Our city is just too small, provincial. Even in 21th century people look odd at you, you know all that dirty looks on your tattoos, long hair and stuff. Thats why we actually dont even have metal scene at all, not to mention some local “bands” but they are not worth saying, really.

8)      And what about Ukraine? What can you tell us about Ukranian Extreme Metal?

UN: Talking about Ukraine, we’ve got a lot of damn good BM bands, which are popular worldwide. Nocturnal Mortum, Drudh, Lucifugum etc. I’m proud that they are from my country. When I’m on Instagram or smth and I see pictures of NM and others in people’s accounts all over the world my heart is filled with joy. These were bands from 90s. Nowadays thrash metal is so popular so we’ve got plenty of bands trying to play thrash. Some of them are actually able to do it, some of them don’t. But there are a lot a lot of them anyway.

9)      Who are your favourite singer, female and male? And which are your principal influences?
UN: I’m so in love with the conjunction of brutal, powerful voice with more melidoc one.  I rather listen to intresting vocal, with variery of sounds, not a big fan of Mille Petrozza kinda vocal. For me the really best are Peter Steele (TON, Carnivore), this bastard had magical voice. In all senses, Tommy from Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, very diverse, John Connelly from Nuclear Assault, Quorthon, but not on the early Bathory albums for sure, I also adore Jeff Becerra from Possessed, talanted Kenn Nardi from Anacrusis, Russ Anderson from Forbidden, God, wish I could sing like him, Scott Jeffreys from Confessor, I just cant reach that, seriously, his vocal lines damn, jim-jams always and Jonas Renkse coz early Katatonia is just smth. Speaking of females, well, Dawn Crosby is good.
10)   Please, tell us some few words about political situation in Eastern Europe.

UN: Well, its pretty mush suck. As you probably know, now it is a war in Ukraine, the economy is ruined, people are actually dying every single day. Thanks to our “beloved” neighbor Russia life of millions of Ukrainians is a disaster. That is so sad that because of couple of politicians ordinary citizens are suffering. I have a lot of friends there, they are all good people, but I cant forgive this country for what it’s government cased here. I don’t want to speak much about it, you can read it in any newspaper, all I want is our country to be free again.

11)   Did you hear about any South American (or Argentine’s) band?

UN: I’m a huge fan of those! Your scene is so impressive, very brutal and furious. My personal favorite is Sarcofago, actually, now I’m wearing long sleeve RottenJ This is definitely my top band. For sure, big fan of Holocausto, Chakal, Vulcano and first 2 albums of Sepultura.

12)   Which are BESTIAL INVASION’s plans for this 2015?

UN: We are planning to record our first album, we’re so excited about the whole thing and we are really enjoying the process, it’s gonna be incredible! Also, we have some gigs coming up, festivals and stuff. We are working really hard now, you know, it’s not easy to start the band from nothing, but we hope that our plans will come true.

13)   And which are your personal dreams about your future in music?

UN: Well, our biggest dream is to play and enjoy every moment of it, of course we would wanna see the world during tours, share stage with our metal gods, but, let’s be honest, the probability very small. But still, we hope for best!

14)   Nastya: Thanks a lot for your time and your answers. Please, do you want to add anything more?

UN: Sure, I wanna thank you for your interest in our band, I really appreciate it, every and each of you deserves a big hug. Hope for the best and look only forward! XOXO

Interview by Javier Parente, for OXIDO.
Answered: Unknown Nastya, of BESTIAL INVASION.

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